Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Access Systems

Aluminium structures (work Platforms) Ltd is a long established business with a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of access systems. We operate nationally and international and have been involved in many large high profile projects for major UK and international clients. Often these Solutions have been highly innovative and essential for the successful conclusion of these projects. Our flexibility in design is aided by our ability to manufacture unique bespoke components for each project demands and variations from our facilities in Cheshire. Our installation team are highly experienced in our solutions and have been involved in many of our successful national and international projects.

Temporary Access Platforms

Atrium Access Platform
AllyBeam Mobile Access system












Permanent Access Equipment

Mobile roof Gantries
Mobile roof Gantries












System Scaffolding Services

Aluminium Beam for Scaffolding


Our team has a proven track record in providing cost effective designs for temporary works access Bespoke Access platforms are an essential part of new build and re-construction projects. Access Systems can be profiled to the building providing a safe working at height environment. Access platforms can be mobile or static. Suspended systems eliminate the need for a birdcage scaffold and free up valuable floor space for other trades to commence work, therefore accelerating programme time.
Our BS EN 1090 accredited factory produces aluminium bespoke access platforms and systems for permanent installations roof maintenance gantries and aviation maintenance platforms are produce to meet your design. Roof access systems include stairs and walkways. Gantries can be static or mobile using our unique track and trolley system. Aircraft platforms are designed to profile specific aircraft with a towable option.
Providing traditional scaffolding services including system scaffold, Steel tube a fitting for industrial applications within the UK, also offering our Aluminium beam system for scaffolding on international projects